Bonn University Argelander Scholarships 2022 (Fully Funded)

Bonn University Argelander Scholarships 2022 (Fully Funded)

The University of Bonn offers the Argelander scholarships for doctoral students from universities in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Interested candidates are invited to apply for the award, which offers the opportunity for research stays in Bonn (3-12 months) for doctoral candidates from the regions mentioned.

The aim is to support doctoral students from countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to promote scientific exchange with partners, especially in regions that are relatively marginalized in terms of science production, and to promote international cooperation in the specified priority regions. in the partnership strategy.

Grant Provider: University of Bonn, Germany

Grant Type: Fully Funded

Host Institution(s): University of Bonn, Germany

Grant Value: See Grant Achievements

Number of Grants: Various

Degree Level: PhD

Nationality: African, Latin America and Asia

Application deadline: May 1, 2022

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Bonn University Argelander Scholarships 2022 DETAILS

The aim of this funding line is to intensify the cooperation between scientists in Bonn and their partners in the to network the regions mentioned above and to expand such cooperation with regard to the promotion of young scientists.

A formal or informal cooperation agreement between the home institute of the doctoral student and the host institute in Bonn must already exist when the application is submitted. Guest researchers in Bonn act as applicants.

Please note that the application can only be submitted by a professor at the University of Bonn. You can submit your application documents in German or English.

Admission Criteria

  • Preference is given to international doctoral students who wish to do their doctorate at a university or research institution in Africa, Latin America or Asia.
  • Doctoral candidates who are already doing their doctorate.D. at the University of Bonn are not eligible.
  • Grantees have to do a doctorate at their home university (to avoid brain drain).

Scholarship benefits

  • Travel allowance (depending on country of origin)
  • Scholarship of €1,500 per month (additional funds for family members traveling with you: up to €300 per spouse and €250 per child)
  • Research allowance of up to €300 per month, which is paid after the award of the scholarship at International Office can be submitted. You will receive information on how to apply for the scholarship with the scholarship confirmation.

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Application procedure

Application procedure: The application must be submitted by a full-time professor at the University of Bonn. Up to two applications per host/professor can be considered. Doctoral candidates must submit a signed letter of motivation.

The application must contain;

Online form

  • Project description (PDF with a maximum of 8 pages), consisting of:
  • Summary of the research project to be carried out during the stay in Bonn;
  • Please draft your proposal for a multidisciplinary audience
  • Reasons why the host invites the doctoral student
  • Outline how the doctoral student will be integrated into the host institute (work place, participation in teaching and research activities of the institute) and a summary how the project in Bonn is supervised
  • Curriculum vitae and letter of motivation of the doctoral candidate (PDF)
  • Financing plan (use the following Excel table, download here)
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