Best 5 Business Grants for Entrepreneurs in Africa 2022

Best 5 Business Grants for Entrepreneurs in Africa 2022

These business grants are opportunities for African entrepreneurs and this is to help in boosting their businesses. The Business grants are offered both individuals and companies in need of funds to meet their business targets.

What Business Grant Is About

This is money given to entrepreneurs to enable them develop/expand their businesses. Grants doesn’t require reimbursement/paying back as it’s not the same as loan. This a freely given fund by the governments, foundations or individuals. No expectation or interest from the receiver of the grant.

Reason For The Business Grant

One may be faced with divers reasons why as to apply for a business fund in Africa or anywhere in the world.

  • Shortage of funds
  • Need for expansion

This is a great opportunity for you as a business owner or entrepreneur acquire funds to achieve your aims. You don’t have to be afraid for it carries no hidden charges. These firms or individuals are just here to help you grow your business

What Is Expected of You

To be eligible for these business grants, you must possess the following;

  • Existing business or plan
  • Business cost already drafted
  • CAC registration
  • File of staff salaries if already in existence
  • Financial records of business

Here Are The List of Top 5 Business Grants for African Entrepreneurs.

1.Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurs Program

Tony Elumelu is a Nigerian billionaire investor. This entrepreneurship grant is offered by Tony Elumelu Foundation to provide 10,000 aspiring African entrepreneurs the chance to benefit from the $100 million grant to create 1,000,000 jobs and contribute $10 billion in annual revenues to Africa’s economy in the next ten years.


Provide funds to positive African entrepreneurs

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2. Schwab Foundation

Schwab Foundation always seek for business owners who specialises in different areas as Agriculture, tech, health or education. The foundation was established in 1998 as a social entrepreneurship firm which is located in Geneva , Switzerland to provide business grants across Africa region


Make provision for grants to social entrepreneurs in the field of education, agriculture health and technology

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3. Savannah Fund

This is another great option which provides grants for starters, grants for entrepreneurs in Africa. This focuses on the primary stage and has generated revenue over $8 million. This holds records of supporting some of African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and others


To eliminate the business funding gap among ventures, capital investments and startups in Africa.

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4. MEST Africa Challenge

Are you in the tech entrepreneur? This offers yearly Africa wide competition with business grants of $50,000 in equity investment for beginners.

This is great business grants for entrepreneurs who are in technology in any of the countries. Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania


this is to support entrepreneurs with business capital. It provides grants to young tech entrepreneurs in Africa.

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5. Ashden International Awards for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

This is no doubt, one of the world’s greatest green energy business awards that provides innovative enterprises with the intention of creating sustainable energy system.

This grants is basically for non-government organizations.

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