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Barcelona Transfer News | Messi 2021,Haaland transfer,Aguero Barcelona, Emerson Royal,Ronald Araújo

Barcelona Transfer News | Messi 2021


Get things started without any further delay for the first news, a roundup of the day, we have an update on the position of manager, Ronald Coleman inside the Barcelona dressing room, Spanish news outlet, sports reports that the dressing room’s, relationship with the manager, Ronald Koeman, Is cordial, to say the least, it is not very good, but there’s, a lot of mutual respect.

The tactical aspect, however, is where there are some doubts. Common substitutions are always late and very predictable, and they have cost Barcelona. Quite some points in this season, as a result, his position as the manager of Barcelona next season is not yet guaranteed, and reports are that the management is looking for options outside the club for todays.

Second, news: roundup: we have a report from rac1 about a list of potential candidates in contention to replace Coleman next season, as reported by Catalan outlet, rac1 barsabi, coach, Garcia, pimienta and barsa legend Xavier Hernandez are the two coaches who could replace Ronald Koeman if he is True, fired at the end of this season, another option to replace him is ajax manager.

Eric then Haag, interestingly enough, for todays. Third news: roundup: we have a report coming out of Qatar. That says that Xavi has denied having a Barcelona clause in his new contract with his club.

Al-Sad Xavi has just signed a new contract with Qatari club al-sad as their manager for two more seasons, but it was reported previously that the Spaniard had included a special clause in his contract.

That would allow him to leave the club if Barcelona called on him to become their manager. Before the expiry of his current deal, however, javi has now denied the existence of any such clause. Speaking in an interview, Xavi said that this clause is incorrect.

He is linked to a two-season contract with al-sad and he respects this contract and he also respects the official negotiation methods between all the parties concerned. He said that he and his club have achieved a lot together, scored goals, one matches, and titles, and they are all very proud of this success.

Getting this kind of support is the best thing any coach can get now. Xavi has won six trophies, including the Qatar all-stars league, since taking over al-sad as the manager in 2019. For the next news roundup of the day, we have fresh reports coming out of Barcelona.

That say that the meeting between president joanne laporta and manager ronald koeman, is now over. It was earlier reported that laporta and coleman were supposed to hold a meeting today in order to discuss about the team’s latest performances, which seemed to have dropped off now.

Barcelona is almost out of the La Liga title race, with consecutive disappointing results, and apparently, the president was annoyed at Coleman for not giving much playing time to la Masia graduate Ricky Puig.

They met today and the reporters caught up with both the men after they emerged from the meeting, but on being questioned about it. Both of them decided to keep it tight. Catalan journalist Alex pintail reports that the meet up lasted over two hours, Laporta decided not to divulge any information and said that it was a quiet meal between him and the coach Coleman, on the other hand, said that there has been a very good atmosphere throughout their Meeting, but no matter how secretive they might try to sound assumptions are that the meeting has definitely been a serious one and not as casual as both Laporta and cohen claim it to be.

For the following news: roundup. We have some really speculative comments from Argentina boss, lionel scaloni, who thinks that Messi’s future at Barcelona is already resolved. Speaking in an interview with Madrid-based newspaper, marsa, Argentina, national team manager, Reynolds colony, has revealed that he has no doubt about Messi’s, continuity at Barcelona.

He said that he has no doubt and Messi already knows very well what he is going to do. He will not reach June 30th. The day his current contract expires without knowing where he is going to play. As mentioned lionel Messi’s, current contract with Barcelona expires on June 30th.

Earlier the 33-year-old claimed that he will make a final decision on his future when the season ends. According to reports, Joan Laporta has already offered leo a new deal and it has been welcomed by messi’s camp.

If the argentine eventually, however, refuses to renew with the Catalans the likes of manchester city and parish german are said to be his likeliest. Next destinations, because they are the only ones who can pay his astronomical wages for todays.

Next news roundup, we have not so good news for Barcelona fans as Ronald Araujo’s. The season is possibly over due to an injury that he suffered in the Levante game, as reported by Javi Miguel of Diario, as Ronald Araujo has suffered a relapse of his ankle injury in Barcelona’s 3-3 draw at Levante.

Therefore, the Uruguayan is unlikely to feature this season again, as he is expected to spend around three weeks on the sidelines, while the Catalans will finish their 2020-2021 la Liga season in an away clash with Aybar on May 23rd, before hosting Celta on May 16th.

The same injury has forced the 22-year-old to miss a total of eight games this term so far, the fans can only hope that Ronald Araujo’s. Injury-Prone nature reduces in the next season because he is a solid center-back for today.

Next news roundup, we have some financial constraints on Barcelona, as the club is all set to miss out on some important revenue by not winning the la Liga. As per a report by sport, Barcelona is all set to miss out on 8 million euros of revenue if they finish third in la Liga this season, as a payment for the commercialization of television rights.

Now, Barcelona needs to win both their games in this last. Two remaining match days in order to ensure that they have still a fighting chance for the second position or even the first position of la Liga.

However, winning the league is almost impossible now, so the fans might just as well start praying so that Barcelona can at least come second and finish as the runners-up. They can at least earn some important bit of revenue in this time of financial woes up.

Next, we have news regarding Barcelona’s. Involvement in the European super league, as Joanne Laporta, is set to meet uv for president sheparin this weekend for discussions over some important things in the upcoming future.

According to roger Shapira of rac1 Barcelona, president Juan Laporta has scheduled a meeting with UEFA president alexander shefferin in Gothenburg, Sweden on Sunday, with an intention to discuss Barcelona’s.

Involvement in the European super league. Earlier this week, uva opened a disciplinary investigation into Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus, as they are the only three clubs remaining to withdraw from the breakaway tournament.

Some reports have suggested that the three ESL survivors could be banned from uv first competitions for two seasons. If they remain arrogant and committed to the super league creation, now moving on to the transfer roundups for today’s first one we have a deal involving Erling holland to Barcelona.

That is now looking quite serious. As reported by a Spanish publication. Sport. Barcelona will go all out to sign Erling holland in the summer. The financing of the operation will arrive shortly and they await the results of the internal audit.

Barcelona is clear that they will enter into negotiations with Dortmund very soon. The club is already in permanent contact with early holland’s entourage and thinks he can be persuaded to join this summer.

Barcelona know very well what Dortmund wants no less than 125 million euros for the Norwegian this summer. For today’s, second news: roundup: we have an update on martin Braithwaite, as the player is reportedly all set to be offloaded by the club this summer.

It was in January 2020 that Barcelona secured the services of martin Braithwaite from leganes, and it was clear from that very moment on that he may not be the most talented or skilled player to have in the squad, but you simply could not doubt his dedication and Professionalism now, according to the journalist, Sergey Soley, Barcelona is satisfied with the work martin Braithwaite does, but he is placed on the market.

There are teams in England who are interested in the striker. The club believes that it is better to have Sergio Aguero in the squad over Braithwaite for today’s following transfer roundup, we have confirmation coming out of Catalunya, that Sergio Aguero’s.

Move to Barcelona has been given the green light by the club, as reported by Mundo deportivo. The signing of Sergio Aguero, whose contract with manchester city expires at the end of this season, has now almost been confirmed.

The Argentine attacker, who will turn 33 on 2nd june 2021, is now crazy about joining Barcelona after spending 10 seasons at the citizens club, where he landed from Atletico Madrid in 2011, becoming a true legend scoring 258 goals in 388 official matches at the club.

They welcomed the signing of Aguero, whose environment has already let Barcelona know of his full availability to share a dressing room with his friend Lionel Messi. The argentine offered himself to the club’s, technical secretariat and also to LaPorta’s candidacy.

However, in my opinion, this signing may not be such a good idea. After all, the argentine is clearly on a decline and he has also been severe injury-prone in the past few years. He has played in just 11 games in the league this season.

His experience might just be positive, but I’d, rather prefer dutch international Memphis dp over him. Dp is versatile and much younger and is also Coleman’s choice but then again, Sergio is ready to lower his wages to at least half of what he’s earning right now at manchester city.

So let’s. Just wait and watch for todays. Next news roundup. We have reported that arsenal and Tottenham are interested in Barcelona’s, right-back Emerson royal, who is currently on loan at real betis Catalan outlet, Mundo deportivo reports that Emerson royal is the subject of interest from Arsenal over a move in the summer transfer window.

The 22 years old Brazilian arrived in Spain in 2019 as part of an odd deal that saw real Betis, initially secured the services of the Brazilian fullback, but were sharing his ownership with Barcelona.

This operation would see both the parties pay 6 million euros each for his services for keeping him on loan till this coming summer before Barcelona gets a chance to sign him permanently. That clause comes into effect this summer, but up until now, Emerson has turned out 76 times for real bethesda chipping in with 5 goals and 10 assists his progress over the last couple of years with the Andalusian outfit has been duly noticed by some of the biggest clubs in Europe, the complicated nature of his day in Spain should surely make matters intriguing, and it will be interesting to see if he does end up joining another club or if he makes his way to Barcelona on a permanent deal.

I personally would like the second option better now that’s all for today’s episode.

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