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Chelsea Champions League| Will History Reminds Us Of 2012? A Quick flashback!!


Chelsea Champions League winning based on past events

Chelsea Champions League race is been year in, year out without getting to the finals in most cases, but it could be recalled that it’s over 7 years since Chelsea FC lift the UCL cup after several attempts to emerge a winner.

Chelsea as the pride of London won their last Champions League In 2012, and ever since then, the possibility of winning the Champions League cup became a tug of war due to the unending show of stamina and playing skills of other clubs under the UCL race.

When Did Chelsea Win the Champions League?

The last Chelsea Champions League win was in 2012 as mentioned earlier, they have been fighting relentlessly to get another win but to no availability due to the many challenging factors ranting from the Coaching system, injuries, and some other environmental factors, cum 2021, Chelsea has made it to the finals of the Champions League race holding 29th-may-2021.



It seems history is about repeating itself, but before then remember they’re facing the almighty Manchester city which is also an England team topping the home league table with a very wide margin, it could also be recalled chelsea won there premier game against Manchester city yesterday been 08-05-2021.

So, can we now see how possible the history might repeat itself?

Well, we can’t conclude yet but the game is sure to be a very strong one since the both teams are really on fire in the season.

Chelsea Brief History that predict the possibility of them winning the 2020/2021 season Champions League Cup

Back in 2012, Chelsea had a 29-year-old Petr Cech who is the goalkeeper, signed from stade Rennes.

In 2021, Chelsea have 29-year-old Mendy, signed from same Rennes, are you getting the point already?

chelsea champions league final

The Spanish Cup final in 2012 was between Barcelona & Bilbao

It was between Barcelona and Bilbao this season been 2020/2021.

Thomas Tuchel’s (the current coach/manager of chelse FC) birthday is on the 29th of a month.

Chelsea’s UCL winning manager Roberto Di Matteo’s birthday is on the 29th of a month.

Di Matteo’s birthday is 29th May.

UCL final 2021 is on…29th May.


This is actually history, and its about repeating itself in Chelsea Champions League finals, let’s continue with the record

Lionel Messi missed a penalty in the UEFA Champions League knockouts stage in 2012.

Lionel Messi missed a penalty again in the UEFA Champions League stage knockouts in 2021.

In the October 2011/2012 season, Manchester United lost a PL game 6-1 & had a man sent off the game with a red card.

This season, in October, Manchester United lost 6-1 and had a man sent off again, is this happening to be real after 29th May 2021?

Last time Chelsea played Guardiola in a semifinal, Chelsea won the double. The double was the Champions League and the FA Cup in  year 2012.

Chelsea faced Man City in the FA Cup semi-final this season and also won the Premier League match from away.

Chelsea captain John Terry was 31 in 2012.

Chelsea captain Azpilicueta is 31 this year been 2021.

Terry, Chelsea’s most senior & important CB was injured in the Round of 16 in 2011/12.

Thiago Silva, Chelsea’s most senior and important CB was injured in the round of 16, this season.

In the UCL 2011/12, Drogba scored 6 goals. 2 headers, 3 with his left, 1 with his right.

In UCL 20/21 Giroud has scored 6 goals. 2 headers, 3 with his left, 1 with his right.

The last time Chelsea conceded five at Stamford Bridge? 2011/12 against West Brom.

Chelsea also lost to West Brom with 5 goals this season 2020/2021.

After 14 games Di Matteo, Chelsea’s UCL winning manager had a 71.4% win rate.

Tuchel after 14 games had a 71.4% win rate, which is exact with the above record.

Both were employed mid-season, could this be coincidence if I may ask.

Chelsea faced a Spanish team, Barcelona in the semi-finals after beating a Portuguese team in the quarter-finals in 2011/12.

Chelsea faced a Spanish team, Real Madrid in the semi-finals after beating a Portuguese team in the quarter-finals.

And Boom!!! Chelsea won the UCL in 2012.

chelsea ucl final

Here, is another season sharing the same history as 2012 which was the last time Chelsea won the Champions League.

Is there any possibility, Chelsea will win the Champions League race against Manchester city which are known for world-class playing patterns?

Don’t you think Bayern Munich would have been a better match for Manchester city owing to their playing pattern and skills?

Well, we can’t be the judge, but we hope to see it end and beyond, stay tune.


In football, we have seen lots and more of history repeating itself regardless of the current form of the club in question, Chelsea Champions League race could be another record to hold up to.

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