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In the today Chelsea vs Leicester Fa cup finals are you guys ready to rumble my goodness the temperature is mounting and mounting and mounting in me right now, the fa cup final baby yeah? We lost it last season on details, it still hurts, but we have a chance.

We have another chance to make it right this time. Christian pulisic deserves an fa cup after what happened last season, manson mount deserves an fa cup in the senior level everybody thomas tucker deserves his first trophy hsc football club.

Chelsea To Win Fa Cup

We deserve this trophy. It’s, not gonna be easy. It’s, not gonna be a walk in the park, but we can do it guys. We can do it just give it all. On the field come on. You blues go win me that damn trophy come on guys.

You know we’re playing win this one bring the cup back home come on. You blues, come on. I’m already wearing my shirt, ready to celebrate, you blows come on give it all. Let me start by talking about something negative if you can call it negative, but i see it more as a concern than being negative.

You know kepa arisa. We all know that keppa is a a good goalkeeper okay and he can be like a world class on his day. However, his size worries me a lot. He’s, not necessarily a bad goalkeeper, but naturally he is not tall enough and he his hands are very short.

So, most of the time he would touch the ball with his fingertips, but they go. The ball is going at the back of the net because of his size, no matter how high he can fly most of the time it’s going to the top being top corner.

If you look at eduard, mendy saves against real madrid. It was because of his size, keeper, arisa balaga, would have done the same exact move, but he was going to run short because of his hands if that makes sense.

So let’s, just hope and pray that keeper is not targeted today, because leicester city are very clinical. Inacho is a possessed man at the moment scoring for fun. Jimmy vardy is on form and 100 feet.

Everybody from the midfield. Pretty much can shoot from the distance, so that is my only worry, but i think thomas tucker is going to find a way for the entire team to work together in order to protect keeper arisa balaga. Chelsea vs Leicester Fa cup finals

So we don’t, give away any long range shot or any stupid goal, or something like that. Another concern is the finishing. Of course. You know i didn’t even want to mention this in this article, because it sounds like a broken record, repeating the same thing.

Over and over again, every single article, but hey i don’t, have any choice. I have to mention it, and probably somebody is going to listen to me and start scoring some damn goals. You know what i mean we can ‘

To finish our chances and in the final, if you get one chance, please score that goal, because it could cost you at the end. We’ve, seen this over and over again for a few years now at chelsea football club.

So this is a big concern, but a final is a final and I hope that we can score some goals. The funny thing is that the people who can score goals are not having any chance. You know what i’m, trying to say here right, tommy abraham on the bench.

This is the game that tommy would have really played and show people what he’s capable of. But of course i don’t make decisions and we’re gonna just trust. The process i’m, not gonna, be surprised if tommy abram after we win the cup to put the trophies on top of thomas tuco to cover his face just like willian few years back with antonio conte, but anyways tommy is not going to Do that you know, tommy is a chelsea through and through he’s not going to disrespect anybody, but tommy really been mistreated, but nobody is talking about it because it’s, thomas to call and because we are winning the end of The day the winner always wins, if that makes sense, the last fa cup we won was in 2018, but we have a long tradition about about the fa cup since the 60s and 70s, and all that, so we need to keep the tradition going.

I know we had some bad moments recently in the finals, but this time we have to do everything in our power to go back to the winning tradition, and that is going to build the momentum for the champions league final.

We can’t bottle. This and we have some good news – kovacic is back in the team. He’s, been playing uh playing, he’s, been training with the group now and i think he’s, fit and ready for leicester city.

I don’t know if he’s going to start the Chelsea vs Leicester Fa cup finals because he’s from a long-term injury. Maybe he will be on the bench and only come on at some point in the second half to close the shop or maybe thomas tucker might start with him and then put giorgino to close the shop.

So let me know in the comment section down below who would you start because this one is a tough one? Georginho is good, besides the mistake that he made in the last game against arsenal, but other than that he ‘

Should have been doing good, and do you think that giorgino can cop with the physicality from leicester city, because leicester city got a very, very strong midfield that could bully georginio very easily? My lineup is going to pick itself really because of what uh thomas tucker said in his press conference.

He basically confirmed kepa arisa balaga will start, and he also said that kante will start. The question marks will be between georgina and kova and in attack between kai, have it or timo verna. I don’t, think olivier giroud and tammy abram have any chance unless there is something dramatic, maybe an injury or something.

But i don’t, see them starting this game, so in goal: keeper arisa balaga, bhaktri, thiago silva tony rudiger and aspiliquita wing box rhys james and chile,that is for me, but it could be georginio and then front three.

It’s, gonna be from me christian paulisic, manson mount and kai. Have it christian paulisic deserves to start this final based on his current form, and also he got some unfinished business from last season when he got injured in that final mess on mount? Well, you can’t really drop mason mount in Chelsea vs Leicester Fa cup finals.

Can you in a final it’s, meson mount and the rest? The number nine of force 9 position is the position that nobody is able to nail it. You know so we don’t know that one still for grabbing everybody can pretend to get that place, but we all know that two are already automatically excluded.


So we’re gonna see what is going to happen and my score prediction is going to be 2-1 chelsea football club. Unfortunately, we’re gonna have to concede, because i don’t see us keeping a clean sheet against that team of leicester city and when you have keppa arisa balaga in goal.

We have five changes to make. So i hope we can kill the game earlier to give thomas to call the flexibility to put some players on the field. You know it feels always good to play some minute in a final like this, especially when you win it, you know so please score an early goal.

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