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Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe & Mauro Icardi in HUGE transfer DEAL!


First, up and according to gazeto delta sport, there is a huge three-way transfer incoming involving some of the biggest players and the biggest clubs this summer, and i’m, not quite sure, i believe, all of it.

Let’s pick this one apart. So the first part of the deal is that real madrid will be bringing in killian Mbappe. That is going to be extraordinarily expensive. Real madrid, of course, got rid of indies down last week.

Well, he actually decided to leave the club and they’ve brought in former manchester ancelotti. Like we mentioned Sometimes ago, ancelotti in his first press conference said that the likes of marcelo, gareth bale and hazard still have a future at the club, and some of the players that were there when he was here a few years ago, still have a rather fond place.

In his memory – and they may still be given a chance, but on top of all of this, if remember, they’re gonna go ahead and start killian Mbapea. They’re gonna need to pay a lot of money, and maybe some deadwood will have to be sold around the squad.

Of course, on top of this, there’s. Also, the case of psg actually willing to let kilian go, but at the moment he hasn’t, signed a new contract and runs that next summer they don’t want to lose them on a free.

Like i’ve mentioned a million times before, so maybe they’ll, be willing to talk to real madrid. The flip side of this i say the flip side.

Now it was all documented that Ronaldo would probably be looking to leave juventus if they didn’t make the champions league at the end of the series season, but they did. They just managed to do it. On the final day.

Having said that, rumors still persist that the portuguese forward is looking to leave the club, and maybe psg could be his next project. They ‘ Ll, definitely have the money for him. They have the money to pay juventus.

They have the money to pay, cristiano ronaldo’s, wages and it’s, another division in which he can conquer and add to his ever-expanding list of trophies records and ridiculous amount of goals that one could actually be potentially happening and the Third, one on this list is that once they’ve sold on paper once they’ve bought in cristiano ronaldo to replace him, psg will be selling mario cardi back to syria and to juventus, of course, if you they lose cristo ronaldo.

They’ll, probably want a striker to go ahead and replace him. They do have alvo morata at the moment, and it looks like they will be extending his loan deal to the next season as well. So on top of this, do they need Icardi?

I think they will do if they get rid of cristiano ronaldo. They’re, getting rid of the ridiculous amount of goals per season and they will need someone to step in and bag them. Instead, of course, Icardi had a few brilliant years with intimate land finding the back of the net regularly.

So you can assume that if you move to juventus, he’ll, probably end up doing the same. Of course, that is a whole lot of ifs and buts. I’m, not saying that any of them will happen. It’s, just a bit of news that’s flying around.

On top of this, there is another rumor involving liverpool and leicester, and that is in the deal concerning yuri tileman. So, of course, the man who scored that fantastic fa cup go against chelsea to win leicester, the fa cup trophy is a hot prospect.

I say that he’s, a hot prospect for many transfers, because he is already a world-class player. Can i put him in that category? I think after the last few seasons? Yes most. Definitely he of course, will be away with belgium this summer.

For the euros, apparently, the midfielder has said he is going to delay contract talks until after the euros and see where his future lies. Obviously, at the moment, leicester are doing very well, even though they missed out on champions league football, but tielemans will want to play in europe’s biggest competition.

He’s got a very, very good relationship with manchester brendan rogers, who’s. Staying at leicester. They are progressing as a club, but but – and here’s, the big buck liverpool were interested. Of course, this is going to be very, very difficult for any player to turn down, especially when liverpool could potentially offer tilamids a spot in the starting eleven gina wine.

Album is leaving after so many years at the car, but looks like he’ll. Be heading to barcelona on a free transfer, so liverpool need to go ahead and replace him in the rest of their midfield. They do have some other good options in other areas and when it comes to replacing wine, album curtis jones from the academy looks like a brilliant prospect, but the thought of bringing in t lemons, who is so good and still has so much room to grow.

Surely will be one too good to turn down for liverpool as to whether or not lester would get leicester will let him go that’s gonna be very, very difficult. They paid 40 million for him a few years ago, so they’re.

Definitely gonna want a bit more with a player whose contract currently runs until 2023.. Next up, then, how we spoke yesterday about whether or not maurizio pochettino would be leaving psg to rejoin spurs, but at the moment it looks like antonio conte is the front runner.

Yesterday it was reported that between antonio conte’s entourage and tottenham, there were a lot more talks. In fact, they’ve reached an advanced stage. Of course, conte isn’t going to sign the contract until he has quite a few guarantees from spurs a few of them, apparently being more control over transfers over the squad and a long-term contract for a long-term project.

Alongside this parity, the former sporting director at juventus has also been offered a job to take over at tottenham as well, and those two working together like they did at uva, could could potentially bring a good spell for spurs.

Of course, if conte does come in, there will be loads of rumors about who he will potentially sign. First in north london and one of the names on those list, he’s been linked with spurs, regardless of who the manager is.

It’s joachim anderson, the leon defender who was alone at fulham last season. Next up, then we move on to the european championship, preparations that were continuing last night. For england, there was a one-nil victory over austria, but kyrosaki got the goal, but the bad story of the evening is that chen alexander, arnold hobbled, off with an injury late on gareth southgate, thinks that the problem is in his thigh and they’re.

Gon na have to wait a few days before assessing the situation. Of course, there’s, so many right backs being picked in the england squad. It doesn’t, actually matter that one of them is injured, but of course it’s, not exactly great for chen alexander, arnold and well.

The game. Wasn’t exactly a massive spectacle either elsewhere and karen benzema is back in the france squad. He’s back on the pitch and he actually missed a penalty for wales that was, after nicole williams, got sent off for wales.

That meant that they had to play most of the game down to 10 men and they ended up losing 3-0 elsewhere and scotland almost beat netherlands and what would have been a shock result as they warm up for their group alongside england, croatia and the czech republic.

Although memphis surprised late, free, kick saw them draw two all and with thomas muller matson was back in the germany squad. They managed a one-all draw against denmark. Finally, then we come to a quick round up for the rest of the day’s transfer and just other news that you might have missed.

Romelu lukaku has said that he will be staying at inter milan. Despite a load of transfer, rumors former benfica manager, bruno laga is set to become the new wolves manager. Ronald kuhlman looks like he’ll, be staying on for at least one more season at barcelona and liverpool.

Backup goalkeeper adrian is close to signing a new one-year deal, despite the fact that over the summer, loris carius will be returning to the club, so that’s. All for me, then, for today make sure you check out everything else.

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