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Cristiano Ronaldo Wife, 4 Kids, Siblings, Parents: 2021 Quick Glimpse


Cristiano Ronaldo Wife

Cristiano Ronaldo wife is the aim of the Article, but you should be most aware that Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most famous people in the world, who doesn’t need any introduction, since he is known all across the globe for a long time as one of the most talented football players.

He started playing soccer at a very tender age, I mean as a child and immediately demonstrated big results in this particular kind of sport, He’s actually a soccer magician right from childhood and till date he keeps proving himself endlessly.

Ronaldo Wife And Kids

Ronaldo’s further professional career showed that soccer is literally a sense of his life and he’s seen as soccer lord. Until the year 2013, he was the highest-paid soccer player in the whole wide world and in 2016  Ronaldo received a title of the champion of Europe.

In addition to his successful career and wealth, Ronaldo can also boast of a nice family. So, let’s take a look at it. Cristiano’s father Jose always saw son’s talent and passion to play football and they never interrupted. That’s why he was a kit man and even cleaned up the changing rooms when Cristiano played in Andorinha team. The family had a difficult financial situation and because of this reason, Jose began drinking and with the time turned into alcoholic.

In one of the interviews, a popular footballer stated that there were times when ronaldo dad would drink every day. As a result, it led to problems with liver and Jose passed away in 2005, at the age of 52.

Despite the fact that alcohol ruined father and son relationship, the death was a big loss for the whole family. The mother’s name is Maria and she worked as a cleaner and cook to make the ends meet.

Even though the family was struggling financially, she allowed a son to give up education at 14 and pursue a career in sport, which turned out to be a right decision. She is Ronaldo’s first fan and of course, has a special place in his heart just like myself will feel about my mother.

Ronaldo Father, Mother And Siblings

Nonetheless, when she knew she was pregnant with a future star, she wanted to abort the baby but thanks god, changed her mind. A Portugal’s pride has a few siblings. The first one is a sister Katia, who is 11 years older and was like a mother to Ronaldo, while mom was trying to make money.

Nowadays, she is a very popular singer as well as a blogger, who gives tips and recommendations concerning healthy way of life and fitness in particular. Hugo is a brother, who is involved in construction business. Additionally to that, he is also a director at Ronaldo’s museum, where one can find all his awards, trophies, etc. Both brothers share a lovely relationship.

The third sibling is Elma and we only know that she runs a fashion line and doesn’t like to be in the spotlight much.

A gifted football star always has the attention from many women but his heart belongs to a model Georgina Rodriguez. The couple had been dating for about a year before making the first public appearance in 2016.

That same year they announced of their engagement. CR7 is a dad to four kids. His first child, a son Cristiano Jr. was born in 2010. First of all it should be said that Cristiano has never been married, so nobody really knows who the child’s mother is.

According to some rumors, he was delivered with the help of a surrogate mother, since a footballer dreamt of becoming a father. Other sources claim that it is a son from an American waitress, whom Ronaldo paid 15 million dollars to stay unknown.

Whoever his biological mother is, he is definitely growing up in a loving family with the most caring dad. In 2017, he became a father to twins Mateo and Eva. In this situation everything was clear, as they were born via surrogate.

That same year, Georgina gave birth to Alana. The pictures of the whole family are often uploaded by parents on social media.

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