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Are you launching or relaunching a sports product or service, or do you want more exposure for a great, but under-performing product? You can now send your articles, press releases, and special feature stories to Suretipsonline for publication. You also have the opportunity to get 1 Dofollow and 1 nofollow backlinks.

Guest Posts that are Prohibited on Suretipsonline

While we want to promote your business, we are also committed to keeping our audience. Therefore, Ads that we consider unfair or offensive to our audience are prohibited. Here are some types of Adverts that are prohibited on Suretipsonline. This is not a complete list, just a guide. We may have

  • Counterfeit Goods: We will not promote counterfeit products or products that mimic other products
  • Hateful Ads: We will not promote Ads with hateful messaging based on race, tribe, religion, political affiliation, gender, or any Ad that will disgust or outrage a subset of our audience
  • Exploitative Ads: Suretipsonline will not promote Ads that may exploit people with questionable claims such as Ponzi schemes, get rich quick, instant cure for illnesses or diseases, instant prosperity, magic, Voodoo, instant weight loss, instant solution to fertility problems, and all such
  • Poor Quality Landing Page: We will only send our audience to quality websites. So if your landing page does not meet all standards set on this guideline we may reject your Ad. If your landing page contains malware, or engage in any shady practices we will reject your Ad. Note that even if we accept your Ad initially, but notice your infringement midway, we will withdraw your Ad and will not resume until you correct all our concerns
  • Misrepresentations: Ads that present a product or service in a way that is not accurate, truthful, or realistic will be rejected.
  • S£xually Explicit Ads
  • A1coholic Beverages: Ads that promote a1coholic beverages in such a way as to make them look ‘cool‘ will not be allowed on Suretipsonline
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