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In a bit more than 24 hours, we will have the derby Italia, Juventus vs, inter, and when we speak about Juve inter, I am already excited, no matter the importance of the game.

But this one will be crucial thanks to the win versus sassuolo Juventus one, and we are still in the run for that fourth spot, a crucial spot. What will we speak about? Will we speak about il derby d’italia today in the papers? Not too much because they focus on Mercado Mercado with the new names.

A lot of new names around are beautiful, Juventus that maybe you already heard – maybe not I don’t know we will discover them together, not only the players but also a new sporting director that yesterday was linked to Juve.

Who will speak about all these kinds of things, but also Cristiano Ronaldo? Will he remain really go to his beloved sporting in Portugal? We will see all this together.

We have a beautiful menu to speak about. I hope that during the intro you put a maximum of life because I know that I have to repeat you.

If you didn’t, and if you want to be informed and entertained about everything about our Juventus, we start immediately with career dev sport, because we know that when Juventus is doing bad, we are on the front pages of correa delos, port and gazetta.

Dello sport are we when we are doing well like the win versus swallow, we open it and we see that they are focusing on Antonio Conte on, inter they are saying, Juve internal ring Juventus enter on the boxing ring.

This is what they show because yesterday there was a funny thing about, inter because they had a small dispute, fight uh on the game versus Rama, between lautaro martinez and Antonio Conte and yesterday in their training in a really relaxed mood, because, yes, they are champion of Italy, they were doing that a funny thing.

It is what it is guys. Are they speaking about the uva? Yes, they are because it really! really!! really!!! small on the left side. What are they writing? I will show you she reset that the mother wants Cristiano Ronaldo back in Lisbon, where everything started and Cristiano Ronaldo tweeted, something that is not really clear.

What did he tweet yesterday, a beautiful picture of himself in a Juventus church celebrating with the number 100 goals in Juventus, and he said don’t stop here with a nice little emoticon that was doing like that uh.

You know, I see only beautiful things I don’t think that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave. But why are they speaking about that? Because if you go into tutors saying Cristiano Ronaldo proved the idea, maybe he will leave sporting or united or Juventus because the costs that he has are really high and not a lot of clubs can go for that.

If he would go to sporting Lisbon, it is because he will cut drastically his salary. Will he do that?

Will he do that immediately? I don’t know, but it all started with actually the celebration of sporting Lisbon with supporters under the house of the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, where she said that yes, one day he will come back and she will try everything to have him Back at sporting, I don’t believe that it will be in the near future.

I don’t know why they are still speaking about the fact that Juve is angry, because we lost 14 points versus the small teams and that we have a lot of regrets because if we won then probably we would go and fight for the scudetto guys when it’s too late, it’s too late.

We are in May the 14th of May. We already lost the scudetto for a long time. Why are they speaking every single day about the fact that we had regrets? We have regrets, we know it. We don’t care. Furthermore, we move on because we have another objective, finishing at the top.

Four cop Italia is another objective after the game of, inter and this time we will have supporters 4300 supporters in the stadium, divided by the one of Atalanta and Juve um guys there will be some strict rules to have them in the stadium.

I can’t wait to hear here. Are you the supporters singing and encouraging our team? Cuadrado can be demanded, added value versus, inter that in the past? You already scored this. If his goals, we are waiting for the first goal in Syria of Cuadrado this year he can be the added value.

We have a lot. Mourinho is trying to have Buffon, but Buffon is focusing on the koppa Italia final, where he will probably play Buffon didn’t decide yet where he goes, except that he will not go to Flamengo he wants to stay a bit nearer to Turin.

Will he go to another country? Will he go to his beautiful Parma? Will he maybe accept the temptation of Rama with Mourinho? I doubt that. But lets, see lets, see where Buffon will go, not only Mourinho the coach of Roma, but also Allegri Allegri.

The ex-coach of uva is really near to Real Madrid. Why? Because if Zinedine Zidane leaves where, for you or for another club, the bench will be free and a leg like a few years ago is really near to go there, lets, see where Allegri will go.

There are small chances that they come back to Juve, but big chances that it goes to Real Madrid. Now there is a new sporting director linked to Juve, and his name is Luis Campos, Luis Campos, who is the man because I will extract to explain you that, but first of all, Juve canal was reporting.

The news of sky sport who was saying Juventus is interested in lewis Campos to take paratech’s, place Luis worked at the real Madrid, Monaco and Lil previously, so he’s. One of the best directors in Europe, who is he uh, is a guy that actually the wizard is called the wizard of capital gains.

Why? Because he’s, able to do miracles with Monaco, for example, he was able to do 500 million pounds in four years, so a guy that is a magician with the numbers. Is that something that Juventus need? Probably yes, what did he do? Uh when he was actually in his previous club, we are speaking about.

He was a scout at Real Madrid, but then especially Monaco and Lille. He’s the guy that was able to buy Kilian mbape for how many for free, Thomas Lemar for free fabinho for free bakayoko, for free gabrielle for free, and then you have the list of the other players: Bernardo Silva, Mendy, Nicolas Pepe, James James Rodriguez, all for a really small cost and he was able to sell them for crazy, crazy, crazy money, 166 million for Kilian Mbape, and then you have the list a magician with the number lets, see if that will be possible for you.

If it goes to Juve, and then we continue with the Mercato, because there is a lot of work mercato out, we are speaking about the list of Ramsey Alexander bernardeschi frabos tadibala, even if he scored 100 goals with you and also Chesney.

That, apparently, this season is a bit nervous. Lets, see if that list will be correct or not uh, two players that can extend our Cuadrado and kellini that next week will actually be in the offices, probably an extension of one year for juan cuadrado and a role like bargaining for Kealini, so not anymore as a starter, but an important man for the locker room.

Maybe yes, or maybe he will not accept any relief. What about the shillio? The shillio is speaking into the sport, a big interview where he’s. Speaking about the fact that he was super happy at Leon that he would love to stay, but he’s, not sure about that.

Otherwise, he loves the Premier League because he was always attracted by the English premier. League and Chelsea have always been one club that he liked lets, see what will happen with the chilio.

The shilia i’m, not sure that I want him. He also spoke about awards. That award was a great talent and shirky young player of 17 years. That has an amazing left foot, but also an amazing right foot and also, and probably sharky doesn’t even know what is his preferred food? What crazy one thing is sure, at least according to Simone ravera, an Italian journalist based in France who’s saying this chili will not remain at Lyon.

So will he go back to Juve? I hope not let’s see, and we go to do glass, costa because yesterday a lot of news was centred about Douglas costa. He is actually from 6 million. He would even go back to 2.

3 million euros salary to accept actually Gremio, but Gremio wants him for free will Juventus accept to give him for free losing 9 million years of a profit. Lets, see because that will not be an easy one.

One that can come to uv is moy skin. We are speaking every two days about muy skin, linked to uv. We are waiting for the final decision about morata because at the moment Juventus is taking time to extend the Spanish player.

Let’s, see what bonata will do in the three remaining games. Will it remain yes or not, but there are also new contacts with locately manuel locatelli that impressed also versus Juventus in the last game, with a beautiful assist and then the last news, Wesley forfana from Leicester could be interested in Juventus.

Juventus could be interested in Wesley fana. There is maybe even a swap that uh juventus trying with Aaron Ramsey lets, see I told you so many new names. According to the Mercato rumours, I will tell you Mercato never sleeps, and we are starting slowly to enter that this summer will be crazy, with Mercato with the euro 2020 with Juventus management that is changing or not the coach.

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